Awesome gym!!! Have my daughter taking Taekwondo with Sabanim Roger Smith! Great instructor, great with the kids!
Nelson T.

I have been going here for 2 years now and i like the intensity of the classes and how each one is different.  it is very challenging for me and i like the mixture of people and age groups that are there.   i really like the UBC class and the fact that you do the kickboxing right after on mondays  and wednesdays.  i feel really good after the workout.
Flora W.

Amazing school! I’ve been going to the Hapkido classes for over  years and have learned extensive self-defense to where my confidence level has been boosted enormously. I would highly recommend this school to kids, teenagers and adults.
Angela C.

I lost 21 pounds in four months, working with the three different instructors at Keller’s. The staff and other students feel like a family to me. It’s a great place to work out, very motivating and friendly. I’ve gotten a lot of self-confidence from my classes there and would recommend Keller’s to anyone.
Maria W.

The gym can’t compare to Keller’s!
My new year’s resolution for 2011 is to renew my membership at Keller’s Martial Arts. Since my initial membership back in June of 2010, I have dropped 31 lbs and counting! I have been able to tone my body and build core strength and resistance with their cardio kickboxing program in conjunction with UBC (Ultimate Body Sculpting).

Before signing up with Keller’s, I was one of those consumers with a gym membership that depleted my funds on a monthly basis in vain. I learned the hard and expense way that the gym and I are just simply incompatible. Personally, I lack the discipline to attend a gym on a consistent basis without some positive reinforcement. The incessant boredom of stationary machines to familiar workouts didn’t help my motivation either. My initial failure with the gym, however, fueled my ambition to find a program that worked for me. Keller’s is that program.

All of their instructors: Maria, Shonie and Lilia–they are not only talented experts, but dedicated trainers that will push your limits in order to have you achieve your goal. Weight of course was my initial goal, but through the course of this training, I have been able to learn techniques of self-defense, balance and endurance.  They say you have to love exercising in order to commit to it and thanks to this place I have a new found love and borderline obsession with exercise and my overall health.

With so many daily stressors in life, I am happy to say that Keller’s Martial Arts allows me to channel that stress in a positive way by operating a business with both challenging training and copious opportunities to build friendships with other driven members. I look and feel the best I ever have and I definitely recommend this place to anyone in need of a healthy obession!
Nancy L.

Dedicated and friendly owners, instructors, and “regulars” who work really hard and get fantastic results.  The workout is always different and targets every problem area you could possibly imagine.  Lots of visiting masters add even more variety, and challenge.  Look for the beautiful mosaic on the front and west side of the building.
Melanie F.

I decided to leave this review as I’m very pleased with the place. The classes and workouts are great. Lilia is really good with the program! They also have new kids dance classes, and cant wait to bring my 4years old daughter there.

I had no problems with anything and the payment we agreed on is better than any other place around. Highly recommend their kids programs!
Dimo R.

I have been coming here for about a month and love it! I have always been a very active person and was a member of the US Powerlifting Team, so I have tried it all. If you attend a class at a health club, is normally too easy or very ineffective. But, when I sat in the first complimentary class, it was one of the hardest workouts I have ever had! The people in class and staff are also all very nice and I look forward to coming in and socializing with them. Everyone is very supportive of what level you are, too. I take the cardio kickboxing and the UBC plan. UBC is body sculpting. Taking both of them together gives you a very thorough workout. You will definitely never leave kickboxing not completely exhausted. Marie, Lilly, and Shoney Carter all push you past what you think you can do. Also, Shoney is a very well-known mma fighter. I think I’ll be coming here for a long tim!
Shannon G.

I have just started with Kellers in the Mixed Martial Arts Class.  The Teacher Shonie Carter 13 time MMA Champion is very motivating and has years of experience.   I highly recommend this class to anyone that  likes a tough work out and wishes to learn MMA style moves and techniques. it is tough but it is very rewarding.
Tom F.

Most Amazing Martial Arts School! Really Passionate and experienced Staff! From the moment I walked into this Martial Arts School I have felt like family. I am so glad that I have found this gem, and so will you. They offer a free class to try any focus that you are interested in! I mean that shows you the kind of hard working individuals work and run this wonderful establishment. Keller’s is truly an amazing place filled with compassionate and honest Instructors/Masters. I have been going to this School for about six months and truly love it to death. The workouts that I receive keep me totally motivated. I am consistently seeing new muscles developing that I never knew existed or that were even there at all. I have been doing UBC (Ultimate Body Shaping) and Kickboxing combining these two give me a great total body workout. I have never felt so comfortable with a group of people working out, everyone is so supportive guiding you so that you do the exercises correctly. When done correctly you activate more core muscles. Other places that I have gone expect that you know how to do everything, I have experienced that opposite here. Keller’s will give you a work out to remember. Even for the many days to come due to the staffs ability to always keep you guessing. There is no gain with out a little pain. Maria, Shonie, and Lilia are amazing in every way when it comes to shaping you into a new person. Shonie “Mr. International” Carter Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee and Legionary MMA Fighter will condition and push your thresholds to the limits. He will give you a reason to break out those booty shorts and flaunt it, using muscle confusion and your own bodies resistance. Lilia will give you a cardio workout that will without a doubt tone and evolve your flexibility to a new level. Maria! Maria! Maria! I can not honestly ask for more, she has kept me more motivated to do my very best and to push harder then anyone I know. The collective at Keller’s can only say “Body By Maria”!! You Guys and Gals are the best! I just don’t know how many times I can say great things about this School! Out of 5 Stars I would give Keller’s 10 Stars, you could never ask for a better experience! Thank you Maria, Lilia, and Shonie. I’m Hooked!

I have been going to Keller’s on and off for years now. I always end up going back to the cardio kickboxing classes no matter what my current routine entails. Maria pushes me harder than I ever push myself. She is a crazy maniac!!! And I love it!!! I would definitely recommend her classes and UBC to anyone looking for a challenge and to look better. These classes will help you achieve all that and more.

Shoney Carter (of UFC fame) has been teaching our classes lately and if you want some killer ab and squat routines go see him. Also, if you want him to he will do a profile on you and give you nutrition advice, for free! I only go once a week, but in addition to my weight training and regular cardio I have seen a definite improvement. If you want to lose some weight you have no excuse, go to Kellers!
Stella S.

This is a fantastic place to get in shape! The instructors are very enthusiastic and passionate about getting you the results you need. The facility is clean and well kept. The location is great, with lots of street parking (right of the highway). I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in getting fit it a fun welcoming environment.

I’m writing to testify to the efficacy of Keller Martial Arts.  July 2009 marks my one year anniversary at Keller Martial Arts; I’ve remained focused on weight control and fitness.  I’ve lost an additional 8 pounds and the waist continues to shrink (I dream of slipping into my old 30 inch pants).  My energy and endorphin level are high; I haven’t felt this good on a daily basis since my mid-twenties.

I’m party responsible for my success (I average three to four sessions a week).   But the lion’s share of credit goes to Keller’s for providing a convenient, effective and competitively priced opportunity for people to get all the focused, vigorous, supervised exercise they can possibly handle.  KMA staff are all good role models. They’re all very fit and confident and “in charge” of course.  They’re “true-believers” in the benefits of physical culture – they never let you forget that this is good for you – but they’re not harsh or dismissive or preachy.  They empathize with their pupils and have an intuitive sense of individuals’ ability and limits.  They only push (and tease) the people who can handle it; they coach and coax the others along. No-one feels overlooked or out of place, even though classes mix beginners and veterans.  I feel very comfortable there.

My experience at Keller’s Martial Arts has been very rewarding; again I recommend them without reservation.
Joseph H.

I’ve been going to Keller’s for 3+ years now and I think they are a great team over there. I took kick boxing until I had to take time off to get my right knee problem fixed. Unlike Jennifer G. in ’06, Maria Keller was cool about letting me put my membership on hold until I could come back. I felt she was very understanding, then again, I wasn’t trying to get out of my contract, just put it on hold. I’m back there now, taking the UBC course in strength training. I’ve lost 40 pounds and am doing really well thanks to the support and proximity of Keller’s to my home near Irv Pk and Hamlin. PS. The place has changed a lot during the past year since Maria’s two daughters have stepped in to liven it up & make it more homey & fun. I say try it out, -sample classes are free.  They have “Little Ninja” classes too, -so-oo cute to watch the kids tumbling and kicking their little bums off.
Nina H.

I’ve attended classes at Keller’s Martial Arts continuously since late June 2008. It’s been my best and most effective experience with any fitness center whatsoever. Since then, I’ve dropped 30 lbs and two inches from my waist. KMA is for people who are serious about fitness and self-defense. They have an all-business facility, a no-nonsense approach, and only schedule one class at a time. The class you’re in is always the main attraction and the staff is always focused on you. This is a big part of their success. No matter your level or experience, you get a lot of individual attention, which really keeps you motivated and challenged (also there’s no way to hide). I’ve taken classes with Maria, Lilly and Shoni; all three lead an intense workout. They’re all really dedicated; I’ve never known them to “go through the motions”. KMA’s prices are very competitive and parking is easy. I recommend Keller Martial Arts without reservation.
Joseph R.

This place is great! The location next to the highway is very convenient. The price is good and my kids love the class and the instructor. I highly recommend it…
Dimo R.