The Surprising Benefits of Karate for Kids

For kids with abundant energy and lots to spare, the martial arts offer a fantastic way to develop focus and channel energies in a fun and rewarding way. And for kids who may be less self-assured in social settings, martial arts classes offer the kind of camaraderie and shared experience that strengthens social skills and help children emerge from their shells. Karate classes for kids are packed with surprising benefits.

Photo of Chicago Karate Classes for KidsFar from promoting violent behavior – something parents are sometimes concerned about – karate classes for kids teach self-discipline and patience as well as the confidence that comes with personal achievement. A child who displays self-assurance at school or on the playground is less likely to be picked on or bullied by others. The martial arts can actually reduce incidences of violence.

According to an article on, parents of children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder report that martial arts training helps their children greatly improve their ability to concentrate and maintain self control. These are the very skills required in karate and the mixed martial arts. From the moment class begins with a bow to the teacher as a sign of respect and a means of centering right through to learning karate moves and techniques, kids make the connection between the importance of focus and successfully blocking a punch.

Karate Offers Kids a Path to Achievable Goals

In the martial arts, levels of achievement are indicated by the belt system, with a different color for each level. Karate offers kids tangible goals and, in progressing through each level during their training, they learn the importance of focus, concentration and persistence. Most importantly, kids experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from achieving their goal and earning a new belt.

The martial arts teach kids a variety of movements and techniques – kicks, punches, and blocks – as a means of both self defense and deterrence against bullying. But above all, they teach and require respect, patience, and self-control as the path through life that leads to inner confidence and success. The skills and discipline kids learn from the martial arts can carry over to both home and school, and give them the lifelong tools to excel in whatever they choose to do.

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