Student of the Year


Meet Virginia, a four-year advanced student at Keller’s Martial Arts.

While earning her MBA, Virginia achieved definition of her mind and body, by adding Keller’s wildly acclaimed Cardio Kickboxing to her daily regimen.

“I started with Keller’s because of the proximity – I figured I’d be able to walk to and from class, and that was a huge plus! Too bad I didn’t anticipate not being able to walk after that first class with Maria!”

Kickboxing became fun for me – I really like the intensity and overall vibe expressed by the instructors. So I decided to give UBC a shot. That sucks, honestly – it’s not nearly as bouncy and fun, but I absolutely saw near immediate results after joining that kick-ass class.

The classes are multi-beneficial, as Virginia experienced strengthening in her knees – something PT wasn’t really achieving alone, after a serious injury.

“I think what I appreciate most about Keller’s is that the instructors are so truly passionate about their work – and especially the direct impact this work has on their students’ lives.  It matters when everyone is cheering loudly for you – and it works!”

Virginia is our Spotlight Student – we applaud her growth, development, constant efforts and dedication to self-improvement and wonderful health!