Mixed Martial Arts is GREAT for kids!



MMA Is great for children


The “violence” of Mixed Martial Arts. This was one of the areas where readers were critical of my original article on this topic, and I admit I did misstate my views in the original article (or I failed to explained them completely). One reader said I was “promoting violence” by supporting children’s involvement in MMA. This is where that reader’s inexperience becomes relevant to the discussion.

I’ve trained alongside many children in a Mixed Martial Arts studio. The truth is, children who train in martial arts are less violent than those who don’t. Do you know which kids start the fights these days? It’s the kids who have no discpline, no training, and no self esteem. But kids who train in martial arts — any form of martial arts — tend to become more responsible, more mature and far less likely to engage in any sort of violence. The very process of going through a program of intense exercise, stretching, hand-eye coordination and paying attention to an adult instructor makes kids more intelligent and more responsible. Sure, there are a few exceptions to this, but by and large, martial arts training makes children less violent, not more violent.

Teaches kids skills and increases their confidence!

Mixed Martial Arts

Training children in martial arts gets them AWAY from the television and video games! Thus, the simple act of distancing children from the TV and the video game console is positive all by itself. Add in the fact that they’re getting exercise, learning self esteem, building coordination and gaining the respect of their peers, and the positive impact on a child’s life is incalculable. The benefits of martial arts training on children’s lives are, in my opinion, priceless.


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