Mixed Martial Arts and kick Boxing Burns More Fat than 4 hours In the Gym

Mixed Martial Arts and kickBoxing Burns More Fat than 4 hours In the Gym

Burn FatWith the new year approaching, many people are looking to get into better shape and lose weight. Too often, people decide to join a gym with the intentions of exercising to burn fat. However, many become discourage because they’re not sure how to proceed with their fitness routine, or they’re not seeing the results they were expecting. A major problem with new and existing members is the potential to increase the intensity of their workout. Too often, people reach their peak in performance and results and plateau, which leads to minimal muscle growth and fat burning potential. Also, other people require a better source of motivation to push them past their limits. Unfortunately, Gyms don’t have a problem if you’ll fall victim to this natural tendency as long as you make the monthly payments. There’s a way for you to burn as much as four times the amount of fat while staying motivated and learning a new skill. Mixed Martial Arts boot camps are among the best workouts to optimize fat loss and stimulate muscle growth. Most classes are taught in a group atmosphere, so you’ll stay motivated as you work out with friends. Keep in mind, no matter how intense a person workouts, you can’t out work a poor diet.


Greater Fat Burning Potential

Are you attending the gym multiple times a week and you haven’t experienced any significant changes in your physical appearance? If so, then you’re absolutely not alone. During the first couple of weeks at the gym, you’ll notice greater changes in your body’s strength and physical appearance. However, you’ll experience minimal changes as the week go on. Unfortunately, your body fat percentage isn’t changing, in addition to, your muscle growth is limited or nonexistent. So what can you do to change our body’s natural behavior? Well, the problem is primarily the intensity of your workout. Sure, if you weigh your food, and accurately calculate your portion size of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates, then you’ll continue to experience a lower BMI. (Body Mass Index) I’m not addressing those who are able to achieve that lifestyle. I’m addressing the people who don’t have the time to strategically plan their dietary requirements. The simple truth is, you must increase the intensity of a workout in order to accelerate a greater fat burning potential. I say fat burning potential because everyone burns fat at different rates. If you’re not sore the day after your workouts, or experiencing limited muscular growth, limited or no change in your BMI, then simply increase the intensity of your workouts.Mixed Martial Arts and Kick Boxing classes are the among the best intensity workouts. In addition to lifting weights,Mixed Martial Arts classes will accelerate the fat burning potential by means higher intensity.

The Scale Might Not Tell It All

If the metric of fat burning is looking at the scale and monitoring your weight in pounds, then you’re going to be misled. Instead, the best approach to measuring fat loss is by measuring your body’s composition. Measuring the amount of fat loss by means of pounds is only partially accurate if you’re specifically targeting fat loss. However, if you’re attending a Mixed Martial Arts classes, and or lifting weights, then it would be wise to include another variable. For example, body fat percentage will decrease while muscle development will increase. A pound of fat is a still a pound, and a pound of muscle is simply a pound. However, a pound of fat is a different volume when compared to muscle. If we were to look at a pound of fat and a pound a muscle, then we would see a difference in volume. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat both equal a pound, however, the volume of fat is much greater than muscle. In order to accurately measure and monitor fat loss, then the best approach would be to measure separate body components. For example, measuring chest, shoulders, arms, (upper and middle sections) waist, hips, and legs will provide a more accurate metric. For men, the visibility of abdominal muscles is a great metric to confirm a decrease in body fat percentage. Unfortunately, men develop fat located around the midsection, so if your abdominal muscles are becoming more visible, then it’s safe to assume a decrease in body fat throughout. As for women, the human body is rather a bit complicated as I express the process of lowering body percentage in simple terms. Again, everyone is different, but women are more prone to develop fatty areas around the hips and legs over midsections. Similarly, it’s safe to assume in any sex if you’re able to visibly see upper to mid abdominal muscles, then you’re heading in the right direction to decreasing your body fat percentage. Keep in mind, no matter how intense a person workouts, you can’t out work a poor diet. Interested in Mixed Martial Arts, then visit Keller’s Mixed Martial Arts. During your visit, you’ll find surrounded by a great staff and enviornment.