Chicago Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes

Keller Martial Arts trains fighters in the technical aspects of kickboxing, aggressive offense, strategic defense, real world techniques that give you an edge while competing in the ring OR in the cage. We are here to help you achieve your competitive kickboxing goals.

Photos of Self Defense Training at Keller's Martial Arts

Muay Thai Kickboxing Training

Keller Martial Arts offers REAL & TECHNICAL kickboxing training: In other words, technical kickboxing coaching that help you win fights. Our training is geared toward the type of student that wants to become a competitive fighter.

Keller Martial Arts provides training and skill development to take your boxing career to the next level. If you have been training as an amateur for several years and believe you have taken your skills as far as you can – call us today. You will be instantly convinced that our training methods and techniques can improve your skills…fast.

Our kickboxing training techniques are meant to train YOU to knock out your opponent – period.

We have a combined 30 years of kickboxing experience, including personally training over 100 amateur and professional fighters in the past 10 years.

Chicago Amateur Kickboxing Classes

Our teaching methods are easy to understand because we know HOW to teach men, women and teens how to perform at a high level in amateur boxing events.

Excellent training, excellent coaching and difference making strategy between rounds is what helped each individual attain their goal.

Learning the authentic art of kickboxing under the expert supervision of our currently active fighters and trainers is the fast track way to improving your health and fitness goals, whether you are learning kickboxing to compete or as an alternative fitness package our teaching dedication is the same.