MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Lead by Coach Shonie Carter, 11 times World Champion, our MMA program will sculpt you into the fighter you need and want to be. You will learn the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu while focusing on modern MMA, kickboxing, submissions, grappling, ground fighting, self-defense, and total conditioning. This training will improve your reaction time, build abdominal strength, increase flexibility, and maximize your overall core strength. Learn how to execute take-downs and escape being mounted, choked, and grabbed from numerous angles. Shonie will train and coach students who decide to fight MMA.

Photos of Self Defense Training at Keller's Martial Arts



Self Defense classes are backed by Hapkido, Jiu-Jitsu, Pankration, Escrima, Wrestling, Judo, and Boxing techniques. Our self defense training program has a proven track record of success, with many of our students prevailing against unarmed and armed assailants. Training includes:

  • STRIKING with hands, elbows, knees and feet
  • THROWS for offensive and defensive situations
  • JOINT LOCKS and DISLOCATION TECHNIQUES to subdue an opponent or separate the joints
  • CHOKING and RESTRAINING TECHNIQUES to subdue an opponent without injuring him
  • WEAPONS – stick and knife fighting and how to turn ordinary objects into self-defense tools (i.e. pens, keys, bats, canes, umbrellas, etc.)



Originally developed for the Korean military, Taekwondo has evolved into the most popular martial art in the world. Although it consists of realistic self-defense and punches, Taekwondo generally focuses on kicking – the hardest striking ability a human can deliver. Whether you are looking to instill discipline in your 4-year-old child, or become Olympic-style Taekwondo fighter yourself, Keller’s offers only the best instructors to help you reach your goals. Each one of our instructors has extensive knowledge stemming from first generation Grand Masters who will guide you toward becoming a champion of the one-self.



Photo of Little Ninjas in Training at Keller's Martial Arts
“Little Ninjas today, leaders tomorrow.” The Little Ninjas curriculum develops eight major skills that are necessary for participation in any sport or activity. The Tae Kwon Do / Karate curriculum also contains eight Little Ninjas personal development skills that are used to reinforce family values. Upon completion of our Little Ninjas program, your child will be focused and motivated to achieve any goal they set in life. The eight skills Little Ninjas develop include:




Hapkido is a Korean martial art whose name is sometimes translated as “the way of coordinated power.” It comprises thousands of techniques and encompasses all forms of martial skills, from extensive joint locking techniques, throws, take-downs, and ground-fighting to dynamic kicking techniques, strikes and punches similar to Taekwondo, and both hard and soft style blocking techniques.

The goal of Hapkido is not to meet an opponent’s force with direct force, but to redirect it using a circular motion, and then to counter the attack with a powerful circular combination of techniques. It is an art that can be put into action from any distance thereby making it compatible with many other styles and personalities. Using proper Hapkido techniques, a 110 lb. person can bring down someone who is three times their own weight.

If you are looking to learn self defense techniques that will enable you to overpower your opponent with one swift move, Hapkido is for you.



This self defense program, used by Japanese police officers, is a combination of Karate, Judo and Aikido techniques designed specifically to control and dominate in almost any form of attack. By practicing this martial arts discipline you will feel confident  and ready for what life may bring outside the facility while continuing to train and enjoy Goshin Jitsu inside.

Its name comes from the Japanese word “goshin” meaning “protection of the body as a whole” and “jitsu” meaning techniques. The concept and techniques of Goshin Jitsu originate from a number of fighting styles and from these the simplest and most effective techniques were taken. Goshin Jitsu emphasizes strategies and tactics both for the street and the dojo.



Yoga offers a variety of health benefits ranging from improved flexibilty to increased cardiovascular endurance. Here are 77 more health benefits associated with the practice of yoga. Yoga is suitable for persons of any age – from children to adults – and Keller’s Martial Arts offers classes from the beginner level to the more advanced.



Its subtle blending of gymnastics and dance moves makes the Afro-Brazilian Capoeira game unique in the world of martial arts. The challenge for players is to harmoniously meld together acrobatics, the grace and strength of dance, the speed and cunning of the fight, and the rhythms of the music to create a powerful flow of balance and flexibility.



Photo of Judo Training at Keller's Martial Arts in Chicago
Judo, which is translated as the “gentle way”, teaches the principle of flexibility. Judo develops self-discipline and respect for oneself and others. It provides the means for learning self-confidence, concentration, and leadership skills, as well as physical coordination, power, and flexibility. As a sport that has evolved from a fighting art, Judo develops complete body control, fine balance, and fast reflexive action. Above all, it develops a sharp, quickly-reacting mind that is well-coordinated with an agile and fit body.  Judo was introduced into the Olympic Games in 1964 and is practiced by millions of people throughout the world today. People practice Judo to excel in competition, to stay in shape, to develop self-confidence, and for many other reasons.  While Judo training gives a person an effective means of self-defense if the need arises,  most people do Judo just for the sheer fun of it.



Kickboxing is a fast paced cardio workout that tones and trims the body and builds stamina. Some basic life saving self defense techniques are blended into the workout. You will feel comfortable joining the class even if you haven’t worked out in a while. If you are in good condition and looking for a new challenge- you won’t be disappointed!



Hip Hop Dance Classes at Keller's Martial Arts and Fitness Center
Hip Hop classes at Keller’s are by Robotic Connections taught by Daniel Aguirre aka kidrobot.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a few moves, get some exercise, meet new people, or just have a lot of fun, we’ve got it all here for you! Each class starts with a warm-up full of stretching and conditioning that is guaranteed to get your heart pounding. Then we move into choreography set to today‘s groove-worthy jams which combines old and new school Hip Hop. All of this is wrapped up in a package that promises to challenge even the most seasoned Hip Hop vets while still allowing complete beginners to get a solid and fun introduction to dance.  Classes cater to both children and adults.



The Ultimate Body Shaping course focuses on cutting body fat and building lean muscle tissue. It combines the fitness building techniques of kickboxing, resistance training, flexibility and a sound nutritional program to get you and your family in the best possible shape in the shortest period of time. The course is just 10 weeks long. UBC will give you everything you need to get the body you have always wanted. Get fit and kick butt!
Photos Before and After Zumba Fitness Training



Zumba Fitness® is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive.

Since its inception in 2001, the Zumba program has grown to become the world’s largest – and most successful – dance-fitness program. More than 14 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages take weekly Zumba classes which are held in over 140,000 locations across more than 150 countries.

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.

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