Black Belt Club

Your Pathway to Excellence

How we spend our valuable time is a direct reflection on the quality of our lives. A journey to attaining a black belt is one of personal development and growth. Membership in Keller’s Black Belt Club is time well spent.

Five Reasons to Join

1. Excellent Coaching – gain a high level of support, stay motivated, and feel part of a team
2. Best Benefits – special classes, advanced curriculum
3. Best Rates – affordable tuition rates
4. Best Results – those who commit themselves fully experience amazing results
5. The Best Way to Start – “Begin with the end in mind.”

These five reason to join Keller’s Black Belt Club are just the tip of the iceberg. Your journey will include so much more.

Qualifications Necessary

  • Attitude
  • Regular and Consistent Attendance
  • Commitment
  • Family Support


Set your life standards and goals high and give yourself the time to accomplish them. Join the Finest Black Belt Club in Chicago today.