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Aski Aikido Schools and Karate International

We live in a modern society, one that sometimes requires practical and effective solutions for self defense. At Keller’s Martial Arts we are committed to preparing you for any situation that may arise with an amazing self defense program called Goshin Jitsu.

Martial arts were developed as a means of defense against robbers and other types of aggression,and today we practice and train under the martial arts disciplines for the following reasons:

  • To be physically fit
  • To make new friends
  • To release the daily stress
  • To improve body coordination
  • To have fun
  • To learn how to be self disciplined
  • To guide our hyper kinetic character
  • To learn how to defend ourselves against others
  • To be more competitive
  • To feel young, and many more.

How can you accomplish all of all of this?

The answer is easy! Come and join us at Keller’s Martial Arts in Chicago and practice our self defense system of goshin jitsu.

But what is Goshin Jitsu?

This self defense program used by the Japanese police is a combination of Karate, Judo and Aikido techniques developed specifically to control and dominate almost any form of attack. By practicing these martial arts you will feel fit, confident, and ready for what life may bring. The bonus is that while training you’ll have fun and enjoy working out with others.

Goshin Jitsu derives its name comes from the Japanese word “goshin” meaning “protection of the body as a whole” and “jitsu” meaning techniques”. The concept and techniques of Goshin Jitsu originate from a number of fighting styles, and from these the simplest and most effective techniques were adopted and fine-tuned. Goshin Jitsu emphasizes strategies and tactics both for the street and the dojo.

Come and join us, ad be part of aski through instruction and training at Keller’s Martial Arts school and enter the new millennium.


Shihan Moises Sumoza

Keller’s Martial Arts’ new instructor, one of Aski’s founding members, is an Aski certified 4th dan (degree) in the arts of Aikido and Karate, and also a 2nd dan (degree) in the art of Judo. He will guide you in developing yourself and obtaining the confidence and results you want.